1. The World’s Simplest Way to Improve Your Thinking

1. The World’s Simplest Way to Improve Your Thinking

People with wholehearted intention who in reality are at a standstill are surprisingly common. No forward progress. Or, spinning your wheels. When there’s something you’re hung up on, your mind doesn’t work well, and your thoughts just don’t run deep. Even if you try to think, some other immediate task floats into your mind. You can’t concentrate. You flit to and fro, end up running in circles, unable to reach a conclusion, incapable of getting to the core of it all.

“Zero second thinking” is a must-read book for anyone who wants to master how to organize and deepen their thoughts.

What is thinking?

From the start, the majority of people have no understanding of how to think deeply. You’re told to please think harder, told this idea is shallow, and you understand that others are demanding you to think deeply. When we’re able to think deeply, we somehow feel that we’re able to accomplish amazing things, but no one knows a concrete methodology for doing so. Even when we think we might have it, we lack confidence.

With a method for organizing one’s mind, for gathering and deepening one’s thoughts, anyone can grow as though they are a different person. They will be able to excel at work. Their communication troubles will diminish, and they will be liberated in no small way from unnecessary suffering, capable of living freer than before.

How to foster ability to think in just 3 weeks

Yuji Akaba, who was at McKinsey for 14 years, has been updating and improving an effective method for deepening one’s thoughts and organizing one’s mind.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an elementary school student or a university student or a working-adult, whether you’re a man or a woman, or whether you have a good academic background or not. Nationality, too, matters not. No matter who you are, this method produces startling results.

It simply entails writing down, one after another, whatever floats into your mind. Write these not in a notebook or on a computer, but simply use one piece of Letter paper per thought. Rather than leisurely spending time on each, quickly finish one page in within one minute. Write 10 pages every day then instantly organize them by throwing them into one of several folders.

Just by doing this, you can train the most fundamental ability to think, something which is not adequately taught even in McKinsey’s program. You will not only be able to think deeply, but will also approach the ultimate level of “Zero Second Thinking.” You will become the master of your mind; stress and anxiety will fall away. You’ll begin living with eyes on your own bright future. Moreover, it costs almost no money, and in just three weeks’ time you can expect to feel considerable results.

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