6. Further Potential of Note-Taking

6. Further Potential of Note-Taking

When you feel up to it, it is good to steadily continue writing without limiting yourself to ten pages per day. Furthermore, once you’re able to write each page within one minute, you can utilize the method more effectively.

Delve deeper into your ideas

With some notes, if you take the four to six lines you’ve written on one page, turn each one into a title, then write four to six more lines under those titles, your ideas will substantially deepen and become organized. The content will become one, two tiers richer, making you feel all the more refreshed.

For example, suppose you’ve written Note 2— “Why doesn’t my department head talk to me?”

In this case, you would take the four lines of main text and turn each one into the title of a new note. To start with, line one— “Could it be that he wasn’t pleased with my remarks at the meeting the other day?”—would become Note 3.

This would be the same for the second and subsequent lines. In this way, if you write notes then turn the four to six lines of main text into titles, writing out new notes in succession, your ideas will immediately deepen.

Write from different angles

In addition to delving deep, towards a single important theme, if you write not just one page but many from various angles, your outlook will greatly broaden. By doing so, your mind will be better organized, and you will become capable of making considerably composed judgements even regarding emotional matters.

For example, suppose you have written the following note:

“Why do I lose my motivation so quickly?”
– I always quickly get frustrated, even when I resolve on something
– Back when I was a teenager I never had this problem—since when did that change?
– I’m always able to read books, and I never get frustrated
– Pretty soon, I’ll have to be able to continue with my resolutions.

The method is to from there write notes with titles like the following:

・When do I stay motivated?
・When in particular does my motivation run out?
・Towards what do I stay motivated?
・How do people who are always motivated maintain it?

If done in this way, after the ten or so minutes it takes to finish writing those notes, your mind will be considerably refreshed. When do you feel motivated and capable of continuing on? When are you liable to get frustrated? You will come to see ever so slightly the workings of your heart.

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