4. Humans Are Intelligent Enough to Think in Zero Second

4. Humans Are Intelligent Enough to Think in Zero Second

Competent people make swift decisions and produce great results as mentioned in the previous article. This is common among those at the management level, but of course among contract employees and part-time workers, too, those who are competent really are competent. This is because humans are intrinsically intelligent beings.

The ultimate result is “Zero Second Thinking”

Once you are able to put your vague feelings into words on the spot and deepen your thoughts, not only will your thinking move more smoothly, but also its speed will increase too. What once took you three or four days to come up with will take but a few hours. A project which took you a month will, depending on what it is, become completable in a week’s time.

Your productivity will double, triple, quadruple, increase tenfold. Your tasks will become organized, you will be able to see to the core of each problem, the natural solution strategy and its attendant options will come to mind, and you will understand the merits and demerits of each option. You will grow able to drive home countermeasures which pin down the essential nature and big-picture backdrop of each problem.

Thinking which has simultaneously achieved such quality and speed has arrived at “Zero Second Thinking.”

It is reasonable to say that those who are habitually ruminating on planning and business operations are able to promptly deal with any abrupt changes because they have mastered “Zero Second Thinking.” They’re naturally able to read ahead. Even when it’s not entirely clear, they are able to instantaneously view the general direction forward. They are the exact opposite of those who circuitously gather information and procrastinate on drawing a conclusion then let their anxiety get the best of them and move about confusedly berating their subordinates.

Ichiro Suzuki of the MLB is famous not only for batting but also for his splendid defense. The instant the batter hits the ball, you can bet he’s deciding which direction to dart based on all the information—the course of the pitch, the sound and direction of the ball, the direction and speed of the wind. If he were to spend half a second thinking, he wouldn’t be able to make a diving catch for a line drive sailing a hair’s width above the ground.

Zero Second Thinking can be mastered through note-taking

The quickest and best method for mastering Zero Second Thinking is “note-taking.”

“Note-taking” was born from the process of, when I first entered McKinsey, receiving a large amount of helpful advice from my seniors about how to interview, how to analyze, team management, and so forth. Without omitting anything, I attempted to write it all down, and in doing so attempted to firmly grasp and make it my own.

However, across writing several thousand pages and also having many others write them as well, I realized that writing notes allows one to clear away self-consciousness and think about things honestly. I believe that the key was to, within the constraint of one minute, swiftly and without hesitation produce a substantial amount of writing.

This method is simple and it costs almost no money. Concretely speaking, on horizontal sheets of Letter paper, using one page each time, with four to six lines per page and lines approximately ten to twenty words long, write ten pages per day, each within one minute. Accordingly, you will spend just ten minutes on note-taking each day.

You might be wondering if such a straightforward method works, but the fact that it can be done easily and readily is the whole point. The simple training can produce the following benefits:

・Note-taking organizes your mind
・Note-taking builds confidence and positivity
・Note-taking releases your anger
・Note-taking facilitates rapid growth

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